Discover your ideal customers

You could have the largest marketing budget in the world, a crazy talented team and unlimited creativity to pull off a great campaign.

But none of that will make a difference if you don’t understand who your buyers are or what they really want.

So we created a free guide on how you can find out more about your ideal customers.

What else is in this guide? 


Learn what your customers really want

Do you know who your lowest-cost, highest-converting customers are or why they choose you? If you even have a shred of doubt - read the guide!


Stop guessing, start researching.

Have the most pressing questions about your buyers answered with a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods (and discover best practices for both).


Avoid the mistakes made by your competitors

Learn what a buyer persona should be (and shouldn’t be) to drive actual results for your business and get ahead of competitors.


We're a Melbourne-based digital agency who specialises in marketing strategy, inbound marketing and UX design.

Think bigger, dive deeper is our motto and our mission.

Buyer personas are our speciality. We create real, almost-living-and-breathing personas for our client’s top customers based on research and analytics.

This guide represents everything (well, maybe not everything!) that we do in the quest to help our clients get a second-to-none understanding of who their ideal customers are.

We hope it’s helps you too. Who knows what'll lie beneath for your business?

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Something was always missing in our business until we found the team at alphawhale. They helped us improve our dance moves and totally removed our fear of the dance floor. Our office party has never been the same since Bob from sales learnt how to do the worm. You should seriously work with the crew at alphawhale.
Gustavo Sanchez
Director, Digital Growth

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