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Ahoy there :) This nifty guide will help you build an abandoned cart email campaign... that actually works! 

Download this guide and you'll not only be able to win back more wayward customers, you'll also be able to impress your boss, improve your Spanish and become a certified reiki master.

Pretty amazing right?

What's really in this abandoned cart guide? 


Optimise your recovery campaign

All carts have abandonment issues. This guide shows you how to set up a stellar recovery campaign to win more sales back, and inspire you and your team to greatness.


Apply proven email design concepts

To stand out in a crowded market you've got to be the perfect blend of personal, unique and compelling. This guide shows you how to perfect your email design to meet all three conditions.


Master analytics like CTR, CTA, EDM......

Make your metrics work harder for you. This guide will identify and break down all the important email marketing metrics that you MUST monitor for successful growth.


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Something was always missing in our business until we found the team at alphawhale. They helped us improve our dance moves and totally removed our fear of the dance floor. Our office party has never been the same since Bob from sales learnt how to do the worm. You should seriously work with the crew at alphawhale.
Gustavo Sanchez
Director, Digital Growth
abandon cart ebook

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